Widely Acclaimed TV show

Some TV shows are part of every American’s TV viewing time. Let’s look at some popular ones that top the charts every week.

A spin off from the original long running series, ‘Practice’, Boston Legal is one of the top drama-comedy TV shows that has caught everyone’s fancy. James Spader who won the lead actor award is best known for his roles in ‘Pretty in Pink’ and Secretary. The show has also won awards for outstanding supporting actor (William Shatner) and outstanding supporting actress (Candice Bergen) making obvious that this show has roped in the best acting talents.

Another widely acclaimed TV show is ‘Dexter’. Based on a serial killer Dexter Morgan who curbs his innate urge to kill by hunting down vicious criminals, the story is a pulsating mix of thrilling action and adventure. The laid back acting of Michael Hall as Dexter is a treat to watch and the manner in which he executes his own brand of justice can send a chill to the spine. It’s no wonder that Hall and the show have been regulars at the Emmy’s and the Golden Globe Awards!

An interesting medical drama revolving around a medical genius Dr Gregory House features the most nominated actor Hugh Laurie for his fantastic portrayal of an arrogant man with a sharp tongue. House M.D. hasn’t left a single award unturned – Emmy, Golden Globe, Bafta, Teen’s Choice NAACP Image Awards and the list goes on.

One of the most expensively made TV show on plane crash survivors lost on a mysterious tropical island, ‘Lost’, has never lost out on top TV ratings through out its telecast period. The interesting sub-plots and endless mysteries surrounding the main characters make for an interesting watch. Though there’s only one Emmy winner here, Terry O’Quinn, the show is a proud owner of many other awards like Golden globe, Golden Reel, Satellite awards etc.

So, what is it that makes these shows special? They are a mix of drama and emotions in the right proportion. They have a stead fast pace of story telling and are enacted by amazingly dedicated actors. Apart from the fact that they have all been a part of 2008 Emmy awards, they are a special class apart who keep the common man completely entertained.

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What does America like to watch on TV nowadays?

What does America like to watch on TV nowadays? A lucrative business unto itself, television has had its fair share of viewership. When people can’t catch them on primetime, they watch TV shows online. Let’s take a peek at some of the popular shows that dominate American small screens currently.

On top of the list is ‘Smallville’, a science-fiction drama series. It’s kind of a prequel to the much-loved fictional character of Superman. People are still interested in Clark Kent and hooked on to see what he was like before he became Superman. Following Smallville is ‘Lost’, at number 2- the story of crash survivors in an island. The show is airing its fifth successful season now. Not so behind is another thriller drama series, Heroes. Amidst a lot of criticism about its sequel, this show about people with special abilities still manages to rank third.

Taking the 4th, 5th and the 6th places are ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Battlestar Galactica’, and ‘House’. While both Grey’s Anatomy and House are medical comedies, Battlestar Galactica is again a sci-fi drama. Do we see a trend in the taste of television audience now? There seems to be a dominance of science fiction and medical dramas in the list. (Not surprisingly we see another set of medicos entertaining us with Scrubs, and it’s placed at a ‘lucky’ 13.)

‘Gossip Girl’, ‘Bones’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘NCIS’ are the next four in the list of top 10 programs on American television. Gossip Girl is the only soap that’s managed to gain good audience amidst the adventure/action and science fiction programs. The makers definitely deserve a pat for their ability to get an action-loving audience to watch their show.

There’s a healthy viewership for most of these programs around the globe as well. Free online TV shows have taken their popularity way beyond American shores. It’s quite just to say that American television has truly gone global.