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Do you want to shop online now? But, have you known there is a special website that could offer you the new experience when you're shopping? In this moment, I will assume you are wish to purchase computer or laptop and also its equipment. is the modern "shopping search engine" that allows its readers to shop everything products that they want with more easy, fast and fun. When you're using Google, of course you search to find huge informations and news. But, have you ever imagined you could use a search engine to find list of products that are in the sale? Include with its price, and also the stores?

For the buyers guide, shopwiki also provide the product directory section where you could discover the history of any events such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and much more. Some suggestions information on how you should choose between desktop PC and mac, how much price of computer do you need, what computer you should buy (new, used, or refurbished), its specifications such as RAM, hard disk drive, CPU, and so on. Shopwiki product directory is very helpful, filled out with useful information. For the beginner, don't miss this section.

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Learn More about Mac OS X File System and Attributes

Nowadays, Macintosh has become the popular machine addition to PC desktop / Notebook. Macintosh created by Apple corporation that also well known in their other products such as: iPhone 3G, and recently, iPhone 3GS. Talking about Macintosh, you will need to know about their popular operating system named Mac OS X. In this thing, Mac OS X is absolutely very different than Microsoft Windows. This operating system only will run on Macintosh machine, cannot applicable on PC desktop or notebook. Now, if you're still new with your Macintosh, let's learn together to better understand about Mac OS X file system and attributes.

AS you know, Mac OS X uses a unique file system, and unique file elements. So, it has made this OS has the great ability. With Mac OS X, you can run your favorite home entertainment on your machine, editing photos, videos, browsing to the internet through brilliant web browser, and much more. Mac OS X is the world’s modernest OS. Built upon a rock-solid UNIX system foundation and configured to be simple and intuitive, it is what makes the Mac advanced, super highly secure, very compatibility, and easy to use. Quite simply there's nothing else like it. Featured with stunning graphics, perfect integration of hardware and software, built for compatibility, reliable to the core, and many more. Now, they, the Apple corporation has been developing the newest Mac OS X version to Snow Leopard. Enjoy your digital life with Mac OS X!

Useful Tips to Buy a Notebook

Before you decide to buy a notebook, you should consider everything carefully, such as which notebook that you want to buy? The best solution is you have to buy a notebook that fits with your needs. If you need access to the internet, you should choose a notebook equipped with lots of connectivity, such as: Wi-Fi, bluetooth, modem, etc.. If you want to use your laptop to play the latest 3D video games, you have to buy a notebook equipped with strong processor, high RAM, and powerful VGA. Basically, you need to buy notebook that suit with your needs

For you know, laptops work in pretty much the same way as full-sized desktop computers, they just come in a smaller package. Technically, before you decide to buy a laptop, you should consider the following:

1. A system unit (CPU, RAM, VGA, Motherboard, Hard Disk, etc)
2. Peripheral devices (Wi-Fi cards, network cards, CD drives, DVD drives, etc)
3. A display device (CRT, LCD, etc)

You must know the full specification of a notebook before you decide to buy a notebook. This is very important, because the notebook specification can not be changed in the future if there is something incomplete or not in accordance with your expectations. For example, you want to play the latest 3D video games, but, your laptop only have 256 MB of RAM and onboard video card. What happens then? Yes, of course you will be disappointed, because your laptop can not be used to run the latest 3D games. That's just one example, there are many other examples. Then, you need to note is you also have to adjust your budget, so you should be able to choose a laptop wisely, precise, and in accordance with your financial condition. The last thing you need to note is the brand name. Yes, the brand name is very important, I encourage you to buy a well-known brand name, such as: Apple, Sony, IBM, Dell, etc..