Book a BA flight with your iPhone

Now you've got your mitts on the new iPhone - tough luck to those who didn't, we hope you're not crying yourself to sleep every night - it's probably safe to say you now deserve a holiday for all that planning, strategising, late night anxiety attacks and general all-round effort. Your new device can help you out in that department.

The British Airways iPhone application allows you to access flight schedules, check departures and arrivals, and the best and most innovative point of all, you get to book your BA flights from within the realm of your iPhone too. Sounds good, but that's not all folks. According to BA, you can also save your favourite flights so you can check up on their progress and book your flight at will. The iPhone is revolutionising the mobile phone right before our very eyes by giving us instant access to flight information and allowing us to buy flights direct. BA say they're the first airline to develop an iPhone application, but it's something we could see from other airlines in the future.

Now all they need is an application that'll tell you what's happened to your luggage at terminal five and it'll be perfect. The app is free to download via the iTunes app.

The iPhone-less shouldn't be disappointed as the new BA iPhone app could find its way onto other mobile phones in the future - especially if the iPhone application takes off.