Cyber-rain - Smart Sprinkler System

I’m not a home owner and nor will I be one any time soon considering LA’s average house price. But if I were, I’d wanna save money and hopefully while doing so save the environment. More importantly, the city of LA has a lofty goal of cutting water consumption by 50% in the next 5 years. That’s 10% incrementally per annum. The aforementioned goal is ludacris to say the least, but if more products like the Cyber-rain keep hitting the market it might just be possible.

The device is a Smart Wireless Sprinkler System from Cyber-Rain. It hooks up to your Internet via WiFi and through the magic of forecasting, historic seasonal figures, and current weather it adjusts your sprinkler’s water usage and output. Some states are even offering a 50-100% rebate on the cost of the device since it saves them money, but regardless it’ll pay for itself over time from the water you save.