GPS Buyers Guide, 6 things you must know

Yes, there are six things you need to know before you buy a GPS for your car or truck. What do most people use a car GPS? The most popular application, it is, turn-by-turn directions while driving from point A to point B Some popular car navigation units are the Roadmates Magellan, TomTom, Garmin Nuvi units, and the new Navigon GPS devices.

1 - screen size and sound are important. Especially during the trip. The screen should be legible and bright, also ensure the keys are large enough for the fingers, so you do not pressing multiple buttons simultaneously. The vehicles are louder than you might think. Road noise can make it difficult to hear weak audio. Be sure that the sound quality, to ensure that you understand what is said. It should be clear and loud, so you hear them in your vehicle.

2 - available for download maps and memory. Most GPS units come with cards built Many of them are also cards. It is a good idea to purchase one that has the ability to download maps, so that you do not get outdated map.

Memory - the more memory the GPS unit has, the more places waypoints, attractions, maps and you can save.

3 - The time it takes a GPS to find and display of information. This depends on the number of channels a GPS. The more channels the device has, the better the reception. This. You do not want to have to pull over and wait until you card data, if you have a wrong turn.

4 - If the device speak street names? This is very helpful. If it does not say that the street names and tells you, turn right. You may need to look at the device to verify the street name. This can be dangerous.

5 - What kind of batteries are used with the GPS? Are they normal rechargeable AA batteries or are they special manufacturer of batteries? Also how long they stay together.

6 - Bluetooth is ideal for those who need to use mobile phones while driving with Bluetooth drivers can and receive hands-free calls on the unity of the speaker and microphone, and their phone numbers and access Caller ID on the screen. What an amazing property. Of course, blue-tooth-enabled devices are somewhat more expensive.

These are the six things you need to know before you buy a GPS.

Heres a quick note for mapping data:

All Garmin and Magellan GPS units NAVIGON NAVTEQ mapping data, while TomTom uses Tele Atlas. I have done online research and found that both Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ are both good, and I do not want my decision on the allocation of GPS data.

Where to buy?

A good place to check prices can be found at:

This site with video review of many GPS devices and connections to compare prices. In this way you can create video on the GPS device, compare the prices of various online sources and get the best prices.