An Overview of the Top iPod Classic Accessories

The popularity of Apple's iPod has spawned a huge industry of iPod accessories. It is such a wide range to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which of them are important, and in what order meaningless fluff. Here's a look at the five classic iPod accessories that every iPod owner needs to consider.


The first iPod accessories classic that every owner should purchase is a protective shell. One case is especially important if you travel with your iPod, and if you push it in your pocket or purse with your key you just ask for trouble without a case. The surface of the classic iPod is particularly vulnerable to dings and dents of everyday life. A protective cover keeps your iPod looking pristine and helps keep dust and dirt away from the vulnerable electronics inside.

Screen Protector

Almost as important as a case is a screen protector. Most cases do not cover the screen, because the users want, you can use the screen without it from the case. A screen protector will protect the screen, which is even more vulnerable to scratches than the metal body. And a scratch on the screen is even more annoying than a scratch on the body, because you are right on him every time on the screen. Like the case if your iPod some very classic, a screen protector is a valuable classic iPod accessories to keep your iPod looking good.


An iPod with a dead battery, is basically a paperweight. An extra battery charger or two is a classic iPod accessories worthwhile, both for comfort and reduce the chance of not much juice. After an additional charger means you can use your iPod at home and in the office, and you will not consist of power in the middle of the day. If you spend much time in the car and hear your iPod while driving (via loudspeaker or a iTrip, please do not use headphones while driving), a car charger that plugs into the lighter will ensure that you have the music whole way.


Cables are other necessary accessories iPod classic. With just about every peripheral now with a USB port, free USB ports are at a premium on your computer. Fear not, because you can be a cable that lets you connect your iPod to your computer-FireWire port. Although iTunes installed on your computer in the office as well as your computer at home, an additional sync cable will save you from among the transport of the cable back and forth. There is also cable available that allow you to connect your iPod to your stereo system.


Speakers are one of the most popular classical iPod accessories, and therefore come in a variety. Most speakers plug into the headphone jack, and are either battery or an outlet. There are also speakers, that the traditional iPod dock, which have the added benefit of collecting the unit, while he plays. Many of these speaker docking stations come with a remote control, so you can listen to music and the volume without having to use the device. Speakers usually sound better than the headphones, and allows you to share your music with everyone in the room. If you are looking for portability, go with the battery-powered speakers. Otherwise, AC-powered speaker sounds better and the added functionality of being a docking station.

The wide variety of classical iPod accessory is overwhelming. Now, you have given the information to help you to decide what equipment you need, and what, you can avoid.