Sony G900 Joins O2 Network UK - New Sony Ericsson G900

The latest Sony Ericsson G900 is a new start for manufacturers, it is their first phone with a 5.0 megapixel camera, which also has a touch-sensitive interface.

The Sony G900 is a Candy Bar-format design phone with an easy to use central navigation button to the menu, it looks very much like the recently launched Sony Ericsson C902, but the biggest difference between the models is the Touch-screen technology of the G900.

The Sony Ericsson G900 allows the user to choose how they want to use their phones, a phone call, you hear a song or visit a Web site, with the G900 It is simple and straightforward. Use the key - or just touch the screen with a finger at the things happen. What people can do with a pen and paper, what they can do with the new Sony G900.

Press the button and notes, use the pen to write in your own handwriting, fast and easy, no keyboard. The inclusion of a 5.0-megapixel camera allows users to print quality photos, while the setting of the pictures focus is as easy as touching the screen. Take a photo, then share - blog to them by e-mail, send them to friends.

The Sony G900 also offers Bluetooth-2, 0 is the next generation of Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth 2.0 one of the biggest advantages is the ability to listen to music with a compatible wireless stereo headset. Less cable, fewer errors, more noise.

With Wi-Fi Sony Ericsson G900 O2 can connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN) to connect to the internet, offers an inexpensive (sometimes free) method to connect to the Internet to download e-mails, files, or check on websites and blogs.

Other features of the new Sony Ericsson G900 include an FM radio for keeping up-to-date with the latest music, news, weather and sports, a music player for storing and listening to favorite tracks and albums, e - Mail client for keeping in touch electronically and support for RSS feeds maintaining the user-date on the latest information from blogs and Web sites.

Originally launched by O2 in the UK, the Sony Ericsson G900 is expected to roll out to other network operators in the very near future, for the listener now enjoys an exclusive launch period with O2 as tariffs and packages can be limited.

This first release period can be from a few days to a month or so, but the demand for such a high handset specification will ensure that independent retailers will soon begin to import its own stocks and the packages and packages will soon begin to filter through.