The strobe lights are flashing... from your iPhone

A funky application has been developed, to add to the ever growing list of iPhone apps, called myLite. Transform your iPhone into a discotheque, complete with strobe lights and hold your own mini iPhone rave in your room. Failing that (because you're not a keen raver), a flashlight is always handy.

It's designed for nothing but fun, and I suppose for convenience too. No one likes bumping into things in the dark or even worse, stubbing your toe on an unseen object (ouch). The strobe lights will flash in a rainbow of colours at a time interval of your choice. The coolest thing about the app has to be its Trippin' feature, designed to continuously flash through the spectrum of colours, which won't make you feel like you've taken a cocktail of drugs, but it'll sure look pretty.

Not only does it produce a light show, the app is completely free too. Choose between fluorescent tones or incandescent lights for a more mellow vibe.

Go towards the light and transform your iPhone into a multicoloured strobe lighting system.