T-mobile Wing Review

This is the T-Mobile Wing, T-Mobile follow-up to the MDA. The two devices are similar, but the Wing has a new slicker form factor and two mega-pixel camera, which is an upgrade version of recent years. This is particularly important one of the first devices to launch in the U.S. with Windows Mobile 6, the Professional Edition and to be used, Pocket PC. This only means that the T-Mobile Wing has a touch screen.

Like most of the Windows phones Tmobile Wing has tons of buttons. On the front is a D-pad with a center select button, function keys, Windows and OK buttons, and a transmission and end-key. On the right side of the phone where the camera usually there is a pen, a quick jump on the messaging center, and the voice-activation key. On the top of the phone you can find the on / off button, which used to appear on the screen as soon as it locks. On the left side of the phone you will find the camera button, which makes it very convenient for the use of the phone as a camera. You will also find the volume control and a microSD slot is hidden behind a rubber door. At the bottom of the phone, see a mini-USB port that is used to recharge, synchronize, and a headset connection.

Finally, if you slide the top piece of the phone up, the keyboard lies beneath. The nice feature of this phone, it comes on the screen when you push the screen. The T-Mobile Wing also has some new indicator lights with blue LED lights that come when the Shift key and the function key.

One of the bad things, you can hold down the T-Mobile wing with the slider is open, that you point the finger directly at the camera lens, which is unfortunately leave fingerprints on the lens. You will also find that the Home screen will be a long time to come again. One of the things that T-Mobile has with the Wing in the interest of making things easier to find, is the packaging to the Home screen full of different things. They have done this to the point where you can not touch any part of the screen without activating something. All these features also slow down the loading time of the T-Mobile Wing.

There are some new note worth features in Windows Mobile Professional. One of these is the fact that there is a Windows application and live a live search. This can be confusing way, you see would think they are basically the same thing, but they each give you access to different functions. The Windows Live application gives you access to Messenger, e-mail and Windows Live Web search. While Windows Live Search gives you access to local windows.

Windows Mobile 6 Professional Quick finally complements the function, which was on Windows Mobile Smartphone, the standard for some time. Windows Mobile 6 Professional has all Office applications, the Standard Edition. Finally, the battery life in the new T-Mobile Wing is amazing, you can assume that four days or so for a fee.

We wish the Home screen had less symbols make it easier to operate, we also wish that they have upgraded the processor in the T-Mobile Wing of the processor, located in the MDA. The processor is just too slow to run Windows Mobile 6 especially with all the extras, the T-Mobile. But other then that it had a huge improvement and a really nice phone. If you are considering purchasing a new phone, I would recommend the purchase of T-Mobile Wing.