Cell Phone Technology Continues to Advance

Phones are arguably one of the greatest inventions of the impact of the last twenty years. Phones are nothing new, mobile phones have revolutionized how people communicate with each other, for better or for worse. It is easier than ever to communicate with people all over the world. Phones are no longer just used to talk with people, but now offer a variety of additional functions such as text, cameras, and access to the Internet. Phones are becoming thinner and thinner, while all the more functions than ever before.

Almost 100 years old, people began fantasizing about the possibility of a wireless telephone. However, it took several decades for the idea to develop. Twenty years ago, the impact and global reach of cell phones would have been unfathomable. The first phones were ridiculously large and heavy, quite unlike the small, sleek models that are now so popular.

In relation to mobile phone design, there are three types of mobile phones on the market right now: basic "flat" phones, flip phones, and slider phones. There are also a few other types of designs popping up for them on the market for high-end mobile phones, such as touch-screen phones, and those with two sides of interface.

Features such as voice mail, caller ID, voice dial and are no longer expensive upgrades to phone service, but a part of the basic phone plan. Although for many people, it is hardly an "option" Text messaging is by far the most popular upgrade to the market. Most mobile phone service providers have a high per-text fee (about twenty cents per text) and several packages texts that are far more affordable. Because so many customers, especially young people are addicted to texts (sending thousands each month), unlimited text package is very popular in the United States.

Mobile phones now have a variety of multimedia options available for download on an additional fee. The list includes the "essential" and the trivial, including ringtones, wallpapers, games and music. This is an area where the mobile phone market could improve the options are usually rather mediocre quality, while expensive compared to other downloads out there.

Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages of this enormous invention. The actual phone part of the mobile phone is often overlooked or ignored, with far more focus on the additional Gizmos and fashion statement behind the phone.

Another problem that was attributed increasingly mobile with bad manners and rudeness. People are constantly asked to turn off or silence their cell phones before entering quiet places such as theatres, libraries and places of worship. There is little way to enforce these rules, people are always embarrassed when their phone goes off at the most unexpected uncomfortable or inappropriate.

It has become increasingly common for people to use their cell phones while driving, if someone for calling or sending a text. Every year, many accidents are the fault of inattentive drivers who were distracted by their phones. So far, the only method to reduce these injuries, the ban on cell phone use while driving.

Technology repeatedly into the air to chase people away. Even if the mobile phones of today seem remarkably in comparison to Alexander Graham Bell's first-can and string instrument, telephones will continue to evolve. Phones are no longer just for people want, but only a small function of a larger "Smartphone" is capable of so much more.