Nokia 7900 Prism With Perfect Design

A few months ago Nokia had presented their new line of mobile phones by the name of the Nokia Prism.

The smooth front of the Nokia 7900 Prism connects to the right with its anodized aluminum rear wall. An organic LED main display with 16 million colours contributes significantly to the positive first impression. 7900 Prism comes with sophisticated imaging options and high-end multimedia functions.

A distinctive feature to be mentioned in this context is the life-wallpaper that is a part of this Prism telephone. The screen wallpaper changes several times during the day depending on the battery and the signal strength, was one of his listeners Art

An owner of the Nokia Prism can further personalize the handset with lighting, the colors radiate from the LED display as well as the keyboard. Missed calls and messages are also sent to the user through light emissions from the top of the phone.

This third generation (3G) mobile phone from Nokia can be used to access the Internet and for the quick and easy content downloads. World-wide connectivity is guaranteed through the inclusion of the GSM technology. A 2 mega-pixel camera with up to 8x digital zoom, 1 GB of memory and built-in quad-band connectivity are some of the other important features of the Nokia 7900 Prism.

If you want a sleek and sophisticated mobile phone from Nokia, the world leader in mobility, you might do well to select the prism. With his "Million Dollar sees" and a number of user-friendly features, the Nokia 7900 Prism would more than meet your expectations raised by Nokia.

The face is filled with the heart-seductive air and the crystal clear atmosphere. The Prism collection consists of the Prism Nokia 7500 and Nokia 7900 Prism. The signature diamond-cut design, sharp angled lines, the latest innovation for colors, materials and graphics, geometric patterns and graphics refracting light colors emphasize both the mobile Prism excellent.

If we are talking about the Nokia 7900 prism, it is equipped with the dual-band 3G and HSDPA technologies for fast and easy downloads and browsing and quad-band GSM capability for global connectivity. You can also use your gadget on any PC with the USB technology. This phone is sleek and it has a glossy black front and a laser etched anodized aluminum rear door. The 7900 is among the first to feature an organic main LCD display, up to 16 million colors. One of the unique features of Nokia 7900 Prism is the "Living Wall Papers" feature, delicate changes to the wallpaper in the course of the day by time and battery and the signal strength and makes each screen exclusive and unmistakable. A 2MP camera, the beautiful in a diamond clip on the back side of this phone is enough to catch all the moments you want. The 7900 comes with an internal memory of 1 GB that is capable of storing flood of pictures, music, videos, contacts and more. This phone proffers a gallery lighting choice of 49 colors. This phone digital broadcasts light from its beginning to signal messages and missed calls. With