You Must Know: Samsung U600 Black Gold Vs Samsung U800 Pink: in Differences Lie the Secret of Success

Cellphones are available in different models in the marketplace. samsung u600 black gold andsamsung u800 pink are near the same mobiles, only with a few pleasantly different--yet significant--features.

They move into variant colors and range. Both are different handsets with as is company, which allows you to try out with both the handsets. Today the option is totally dependent abreast of the buyers. They're free to decide any of the model of their choice. You are able to easily get these mobiles from online shopping and get the whole idea about their features and cost.

The Samsung U800 is too called 'Soul' range mobile, which has the hyper- spirit quality in it. This is one of the booming series of handset, which is gaining the success. Samsung U800 places 3G HSDPA technology with three mega pixels photographic camera mixed with power LED flash. This light and glossy mobile measures 111mm deeply by 456mm wide and 9.9mm heights dimension. This strong form mobile comes 6 different colours like: Soul Gray, Platinum Silver, Metallic Black, Soul Pink, Amethyst Violet and Soul Red. samsung u800 pink is among the most extremely beautiful models among all the sets available in the marketplace. This pink charming handset was mostly fascinating to the teenagers. This 3G phone is built up with two inch screen with the sixteen million colours, which show vibrant colours.

It is stunning camera is built with 3.2 mega pixels with 2048x1536 pixels resolutions. This auto-focus camera is also equipped with video and LED flash feature, which offers you the incredible image quality as well as video quality. The video capturing feature has secondary CIF video call camera, which allows you to shoot awesome videos from your phone. Through this camera you are able to store your beautiful memories of your life story and could easily share with anybody. The user could easily enjoy recording and playing video footage. This metal effect mobile also has excellent navigation facility too. This is equipped with one GB internal memory, which too supports the expandable memory. With the help by Micro SD memory card, the user could further extend the memory. It's filled up with MP3 music player, which gives you ultimate music hearing choice. There's also some other option to enjoy the music with FM radio RDS, which keeps you updated with the newest music. It has amazing Internet connectivity with WAP browser allows for you to enjoy browsing the Internet. It has more features include messaging services through multimedia pictures and video messaging, text messaging and mobile email service.

Whenever you did not get enough with SamsungU800, than look over samsung u600 black gold. This is a thin and glossy phone, which has the slider body with the mixture of black and gold colour. This tactile ultra smooth handset has the bright case with the stylish appearance. The handset is also known as the Samsung U600 Ultra Edition 10.9. It has modern designed case is equipped with 2.2 inch color screen, which offers you an excellent look. It is metal etched keypad has smooth slide opening, which gives you the luxurious experience to handle. This unbelievably fashionable phone comes in seven major colours. Those are in Garnet Red, Neutral White, Soft Black, Sapphire Blue, Crystal Blue, Platinum Silver and Copper Gold. The Samsung U600 Black gold is the cutest and ravishingly attractive mobile among all the colours.

This glossy black gold mobile is integrated with auto focus 3.2 mega pixels camera with 2048x1536 pixels resolutions. It's a few similar features like Samsung U800 phone, video(CIF) and flash, which allows for you to capture their memories as a photograph or as a video recording. It is LCD colour screen works as a clear screen for viewing the pictures. This handset has 250 hours of stand by with three hours and half-hour of speak time. More or less both these mobiles are superior in their field. Samsung U600 Black Gold has different features to provide whereas, Samsung U800 Pink has extremely capable quality. Both mobiles are easily available at cheap cost from internet stores.