High-end Mobile Phone Duel: Sony Ericsson G705 Vs Sony Ericsson W902

When we consider the common features of the W902 and the G705 we can take into account the features like the video calling, video streaming, SMS, MMS, e-mail, instant messaging, predictive text input, Exchange Active Sync, FM radio, track ID, play now, Bluetooth, Java games, quad band technology, Net access features front, etc. These are common in the two widgets.

Either via the Sony Ericsson W902 or the Sony Ericsson G705 one can experience live chatting with the contacts as one can view the lively gestures of the contacts. One can also avail of the facility streaming video on these widgets. Even the typical communication features like the SMS, MMS, instant messaging and the predictive text input are available on these widgets. At times, the contacts may be falling short of time and they may not be in a position to have a talk over the phone. Under such circumstances the users can make good use of these features. These features will help Convey ones messages which the contacts may go through during their free time. Such messages need not be always raw as one can decorate such messages with the MMS features. Moreover, the users can even use its instant messaging service which too is a lively chatting means. As these widgets have predictive text input the users need not spend much time in creating the text. This input predicts the words being typed by the users and help complete the whole text within no time.

Both the widgets support Bluetooth and offer the option to use the USB as well. Thus, the users can go wire-free and be free from the Hassler associated with the wires. This technology helps transfer of data to any compatible device without the wires. Moreover, the transfer of data via the Sony Ericsson W902 and the Sony Ericsson G70572 is three times faster than that of the GPRS as these widgets support EDGE technology. Normally, one can go roaming around the globe via the quad band technology of these widgets which cover GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900.

Listening to the FM radio programs on the move can be retained with the W902 and the G705 as well. This is possible only because of the FM radio feature on both of this widgets. Not only that, these widgets support RDS features as well. As such, while listening to the favorite programs on the FM one can view other information like the news, weather reports, etc, on these widgets.

Just imagine the features like the track ID and the play now. Music lovers would not miss these features on these mobile phones. The TrackID music recognition is a feature that enables music lovers to record a few seconds of any song.

The flight mode feature in both the Sony Ericsson W902 and the Sony Ericsson G705 enables the users to use certain features of the mobile phones while in restricted areas. These features help to use the features which are not dangerous for the restricted areas. The 3G HSDP feature on both of these widgets enables the users to download data at higher rates and provides faster connectivity to the internet.

These are some of the similarities between the two. However, there are difference between them as well. To mention a few G705 possesses the Google maps, WiFi, GPS navigation feature with Way finder navigator etc. The DLNA WiFi sharing on the G705 allows the users to make use of WiFi connectivity when linking the phone to compatible devices like the TV or home office TV. This enables users to entertain the large audience by displaying the pictures on large screen. While the internal memory of the W905 is 25 Mbytes along with Micro M2 memory support, the G705 supports 120 Mbytes of memory with Memory Stick Micro M2 support.