Samsung F490 - Full Touchscreen Technology

The Samsung F490 model, Samsung integrates the touch-screen technology, which has been made famous by the Apple iPhone. The design is a few steps on the Apple iPhone in terms of style and it does not feel as bulky. The slim design, just 11.8mm wide, make the F490 simply to slip into the pocket. The case is also completely black, which gives the phone a very strict air, dropping the black-and-silver design of the iPhone. Unfortunately, this phone does not have the QWERTY keyboard that the other recently released Touch phone, the Voyager uses, but the great sensitivity of this phone makes up for it.

Samsung certainly has not skimped on the powerful features that you find on their other recent models. Today mobile phones can be divided into two camps. Either they are fully fledged multimedia mobile phones, dealing with a lot of memory, smooth video playback and a powerful camera. Or they have the touch-screen technology and renounce all other multimedia phone features.

Well, the F490 features has a 5-megapixel camera, that can rate against the latest multimedia phones. Although this mobile phone does not have a large internal memory feature, but the MicroDS slot ensures that you can hold all the pictures and media that you want to have it on the go.

The menu system may not be a colorful as the iPhone’s, but it has a visual quality, that is very official-looking with cool blue lines, that highlight which icon you choose. This menu system is very easy to use, and will have you playing mp3 files and browsing your photos in no time.Touchscreen with added benefits.

Samsung F490 Red (unlocked)