What? Watch TV From Your Watch? Really?

I think it was just a matter of time until someone came with a good watch that pays videos. We have to see how they have been years in cartoons and science fiction movies, but now they are here! With the huge success of the iPod's and various other PDAs in recent years, watches, that allow users to store and watch videos. The MP3 and MP4 watches have been on store shelves for a few years, but their popularity is not very strong.

The video watches have the capability of playing MP3 and MP4's in addition to video formats. I think the video watches are becoming more popular than ever watches were music. You are already a big influence on the Chinese market, especially among the youth. Just as with the case of camera phones, the Chinese are always the first to use new technologies. It's just a mater of time before video clocks spread to the rest of the world.

Video watches work just as other portable multimedia devices. The clock is connected to your computer with a USB port on the watch and files are stored on them. To make sure everything works properly, you need the watch itself, the accompanying software, and earphones. Models of video-rich watches one to eight gigabytes of memory, depending on the brand.

Video formats vary, but also the common formats should be supported in every case. Formats such as AVI, MP4, WMV, ASF, MPG, MPEG, DAT, MOV and RM are widely used for multimedia. Optional features can also AM / FM radio, voice recording, image storage and display, Bluetooth headset and text functions. It may be redundant to mention, but each model I have been video watches are only in color.

Built-in battery chargers, different operating systems, hours playback time, waterproof and similar functions seem to be for all video-clock models. To my surprise video watches are very cheap. I was able to find several prizes for everyone under one hundred U.S. dollars. This can be a good alternative to Apple I-Pod for people who want a portable media device.

Watches, which play video displays the video on the watches ahead. The audio is connected to the earphones so you can hear what is being played. Some models may an integrated speaker that allows you to hear without headphones on. Since the video is watch size, you can assume screen display smaller than two inches. From what I've seen online to find the average screen size is only 1.6 inches. Nevertheless, I am sure that someone sits on a long flight will not forget. As long as the can watch something that will keep them busy and take their mind's off of the flight. In my view, a video is perfect for travel.

To summarize, I do not think anyone is running out and get a watch with video capability but I think there is room for them on the market. As this technology begins to develop and spread, you will begin to see the screens are larger and new features added over the two watches and video field. In the meantime, video watches come fully equipped with everything you could ask for in a video player.