Blackberry 9500 Storm Complete Review - Fantastic!

Viewing BlackBerry 9500 Storm, it is a smart phone with high-definition camera performance. It is equipped with media player supports MP3, AAC +, AAC, EAA +, WMA,. WMA Pro Plus. Also, the fun-loving users can rock on in tune with this gadget’s music, as and when in mood. Users are able to capture and stream video, create text, send e-mails and appointments of several other services on this amazing mobile phone. About the software, this gadget is competent to deal with different types of data and communications services. Apart from accessibility, the owners can avail of entertainment as well on this 3G mobile phone. The music apart, people who can’t do without playing games can boost themselves with the games on this gadget besides having access to the world of information and knowledge, the Internet.

Like the youngsters even the elderly people can keep their spirit up with the Java games on board this handset. In case they get bored of any of its games they can download other games as well. It is one among BlackBerry mobile phones that supports video camera, Bluetooth, EDGE, USB, Quad band with GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900 network and the Internet.

The moments that are captured on the Blackberry 9500 Storm camera phone are no less than that of the latest cameras in terms of quality. The flash feature built-in this smart phone can illuminate the darker and dull environment that comes in the way of perfection of the photographs. Even the Amateurs can capture motion photographs like the professionals on the camera of the 9500. Reviewing the recordings on this device is more than what other cameras can offer.

Everybody looks for a tool that is hassle-free and due to the Bluetooth on board this communication tool, the user can experience the same. However, one can also utilise the USB cable connection on it. This implies that the owner need not be worried of wires for transferring files or data while on the go. The Bluetooth can assist the user in this regard. That too, the transfer of data, whatever it may be like can be transferred at the speed that no other mobile technology does. The EDGE technology is the guarantee to this incredible speed that is equivalent to three times that of the GPRS

Other fundamental features like SMS, MMS, e-mail and instant message via the Blackberry 9500 Storm are all the more at par with other latest mobile phones. These services do go a long way in strengthen the bond between the senders and the receivers. The photographs, voice mail and video along with the text on its MMS make message livelier.