Cezar Capone Offered Sarah Palin with $2 Million to Appear in Porn Movie - Sarah Palin Porn Movie

Since the Republican vice president candidate does not win the U.S. election last 4th November, and now she has a new job. Famous porn film director of Florida, Cezar Capone, offered Palin 2 million U.S. dollars to appear in porn films.

It is not a jokes, Cezar Capone has prepared his money to 2 million U.S. dollars in escrow to proved on his offer to Sarah Palin to appear in porn movie. And not just for Sarah Palin, Cezar Capone also offer Sarah Palin husband Todd with $ 100,000 and Snow Mobile to be as Co-Starring in the porn film with Palin. Through open letter in the web site, Capone says if that film is made, the results will be distributed internationally. The film also will be recorded by him with HD quality.

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