Google Phone - Skype Phone - Apple iPhone - and Now Facebook Phone?

Over the years there have been a lot of developments in the cell phone world and especially in recent years in particular. Many cell phones now can’t be described as a cell phone but more of a personal computing device as they can browse the internet, chat online with friends and some can even act as a GPS device too.

Many brands have released their own special mobile phones and shows just how widespread the effects of mobile devices are on our daily lives. Apple computing company released their touch-screen only cell phone two years ago and has grown in popularity with some of the consumer and business users.

Internet search giant Google has recently released a phone with an operating system developed by them and has a number of popular services, such as the Google Maps service, Gmail e-mail and Google Calendar as a part of the phone as opposed to being a third party application made for other phones.

In the last year, UK network 3 is working with the Internet telephony service Skype, a phone that makes calls over the Internet and has been popular enough for a second version to come out with a few alterations and improvements later in the year, the decision to base mobile phones around a web application seemed a bit risky for a mobile network who makes money off customer’s phone calls. Still, the phone has enjoyed some success, because the cheap price for the handset on contract or pay as you go.

The recent announcement from 3 is expected to be revealing a phone based around another web application, Facebook. Given the popularity of social networking site it is no wonder that the next logical step for a company who made the Skype phone would look to this site as their next phone. It is also likely include some typical stats like a MicroSD card slot, a camera around 2 or 3.2 mega pixel and some special features such as instant messaging and the ability to access your friend and your profile quickly.

This movement goes to show that many cell phones are evolving into specific devices that perform many other functions, no matter how trivial or mundane they seem. The bonus for the people in the market for these phones is that they are still fairly cheap mobile phones that have an impressive list of statistics to be a great thing for people looking for a new mobile phone in this time of year.