Is weight loss ever easy?

Have you noticed how many people complain these days? Walk round a supermarket, any large store or go into a restaurant and the odds are you will find someone making a complaint. When you can't help but overhear what is being said, these people tend to be playing the blame game. Something has gone wrong. It's someone else's fault. These others should do something to make the complainer feel better. Many times, of course, the complaints are genuine. The toaster went up in flames or the dress proved transparent when soaked in a rain storm. But, some of the time, the complainer is trying to pass responsibility and find someone to blame for their own failings. Take people trying to lose weight as an example. Some blame the lack support from their families, or say they have bad genes. Some lack the will power - they are too weak ever to carry through on a tough diet. Actually, if people do take responsibility for their diet and exercise, they usually lose weight. When good eating habits and physical exercise are combined with acomplia, clinical trials show people lose an average of 10% of their body weight and keep it off for at least a year. All that is required is that people treat weight loss like a broken leg. If you broke your leg, you would go to hospital and have the bones set. A plaster cast and painkillers would follow. Then after a little physical therapy, you would be walking normally again a month or so later. When you are aware of a problem, you take action and get it fixed. Anyone who wants to change their diet can do so. It's easy to just eat less. Creating excuses for yourself is letting yourself off the hook. You lack the motivation but don't want to admit it either to yourself or others (particularly those close to you). So instead of blaming others because things didn't turn out the way you hoped, find good reasons for sticking to the diet, eating less and exercising more. For the fastest results, use acomplia and watch those pounds drop. It's not going to be easy all the time. You're going to be tempted from time to time. So long as it's only a temporary relapse into bad habits, you will keep on losing weight. The more honest you are with yourself, the better. In fact, you should start to listen to yourself more. If you catch yourself inventing excuses for not following the diet, call yourself on it. If you find yourself rationalizing not going down to the gym, complain about your own laziness. Taking responsibility for reducing your own weight is the first and single most important step to take to slimness.