Call someone with your watch?

Recently, I have found a great website with creative and innovative idea. Can you think before that you can use your watch to call someone or your beloved in other region or even country? Like magic but it's real. Yes, now you can have a product which actually it's in a form of watch and has the
great function you can use to call someone because has adopted a phone technology inside. Buy stylish watch, use it on your hand, and then call everyone that you want, simple, creative, and great innovation. Would you like to have it today? Why not? And don't worry about the price, it's very affordable. So, you can call it with the name, “PhoneWatch.”

So that you can know more details like what the product and why you should have it, I have put here an example picture plus its specifications:


* Network:GSM900/1800/1900
* System: GSM/GPRS
* Screen:1.33 inch touch color screen
* Support USB,SMS,Bluetooth 2.0,
* Camera:1.3mega pixel
* Support MP3, MP4, Stereo Earphone
* Support MPEG4 sound picture recording
* Support T-flash card, extend up to 2 GB, present 512MB for free
* Built-in the business card nip, phone book,hi-fi stereo ring, the daily manage, healthiness manage,unit conversion and the various utility function in computers.
* Talking time:120-180 minute
* Standby time:120-150 hours(12) battery: 650MA
* Support: Intelligence pronunciation dialing and dispense with hold expand sound
* Language: English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian,Portuguese
* Accessories: Single track Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth charger, one charger, USB Cable, Earphone

Are you interested to have this great product today? And not only that, you still have great opportunity to have others amazing products, mobile watch with triband GSM plus camera, phone watch in a form of television with Bluetooth, mobile watch with FM radio, and many others. So, what are you waiting for? The also offers to buyers free shipping to others countries, knowing more information about it.