Hosted TFS

Do you have a company with many employees? Do you want your company to be better and grow faster? Do you want to make your company become more flexible, cost-effective, and efficient? Yes, I have good news for you, namely Phase 2 International (Phase 2 International offers you the opportunity to take advantage of this product with no data center, no IT department, and at the lowest cost in the industry). I think you need to know more about Phase 2 International:

PHASE 2 delivers affordable and scalable access to high-end business software applications through SaaS (Software as a Service). Building from its strong history of IT Consulting, PHASE 2 hosts an integrated suite of high-end applications for small-to-medium-sized businesses including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Live Communicator, and applications for CRM, accounting and HR. PHASE 2 complements its portfolio of vertical software solutions with specific domain expertise and custom applications for industries such as Architectural and Construction professions.

Phase 2 International also offers hosted team foundation server (hosted tfs). For you know, Microsoft Team Foundation Server / tfs hosting allows you and your organization to manage your Visual Studio projects and resources to success. Tools like source control, permission managment, team build, and MS Project integration make it easy to stay on track and deliver.

So, what are you waiting for? Phase 2 International is the right business partner for your business. Whatever your business, Phase 2 International is the right choice.