Music Mania

Music is such kind of a thing that changes our moods and sooths our senses. Be it sorrow or fun-music offers great 'power' to maintain the emotional balance in every heart. Mobile manufacturers are no backbenchers in adapting to this fact and probably that is the reason for the proliferation of music mobile phones in the competitive mobile market. All the major mobile manufacturing companies have inundated the mobile market with quality handsets with great music playback facility. The 'cornucopia' is inevitable as tastes of mobile phone users are changing with the advancement of technology.

The latest mobile phones (most of them) are equipped with integrated music players with stereophonic sound effect. When you listen to their sound quality, you will understand why MP3 players, ipods are exhibiting continuous threat. Frankly speaking, the latest mobile phones have got all the potential to replace your 'one time favourite' music devices. And the good thing is that these phones now come with large memory cards-so you can store your favourite tracks and carry them around wherever you go.

Nokia and Sony Ericsson are two great customers of the game as far as 'music' is concerned. Nokia has come up with several music edition phones like Nokia 5300 Xpress Music, Nokia N70 Music Edition, Nokia N73 Music Edition, Nokia N91 8GB. The much hyped Nokia N5700 Xpress Music is yet to hit the market. Sony Ericsson is also becoming very popular these days because of their high fidelity music phones (with features like MegaBass, PlayNow, TrackID), marketed as Walkman Series music phones. Initially, Sony Ericsson brought W300i, W550i, W700i, Sony Ericsson W350i Electric Black, W810i, W800i, W830i and the W850i. Maintaining its increasing success, Sony Ericsson has just launched C905 and Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 music phones-response-so far so good. Some more models like Sony Ericsson C905 Bronze and W595 Grey are all set to be available soon. So, keep your fingers crossed to see what's there for you! These music phones are available with contract and pay as you go on online moible shops after a fair comparison you can buy best contract phones and payg music phone.