Trophy Wife Boot Camp

Take for example, the trophy wives. While men are seeking love & family, these cons are training hard for the business of future settlements, alimony, child support, cars, houses, and lawsuits, I mean marriage. If all goes as planned, the Boob jobs, nose jobs, tummy tucks, butt tucks, bleached hair and liposuction may soon pay off. Her dream man is on the horizon. The fantasy life of luxuries provided by a Gazillionaire are a tantalizingly elixir, just as long as the old geezer can get out of his wheelchair without knocking over the damn ventilator.

"One more time, you geriatric prick, and I'm giving you a flat!!" Trophy wives stay honest to the "marriage institution", and tolerate Daddy Big Bucks for the obligatory 30 months, while plotting their exit. Divorce Excuse: "We grew apart".

Translation: "I stayed in the master bedroom trying to crack the safe, while medics perform a suspicious autopsy on poor dear old Mortimer."

The last thing aspiring wives need are distractions when they are this close to pay dirt. Professional Bachelors dating a fleet of college hotties and potential divorce proteges are bad for business. These happy bastards need to be suppressed and hidden from view at all costs.

J. Paul Getty reflected how "Sex is what gives a man his business drive." As the world's first billionaire, that pretty much makes him an expert on women. In fact, in his final days, all 7 of his girlfriends lived with him at his palatial Sutton Place estate. They professed their love for him, and naturally claimed they had no interest in his will. Getty was nobody's fool. He played along with his best naive, old doddering geezer impression, and left 99.9% of his estate to his Trust. In the end, he handed out parting gifts to each girl of $50,000 to close to a million. In a touching display of romantic gratitude, a few reciprocated by lovingly suing his ass while he was still warm in the coffin. Hell, they probably stapled the subpoena to his forehead.

Women take advantage of men not just because they are taught to, it's because they can. More accurately, sad to say, it's because men let them. There's always another sucker around the corner. Almost any hot babe can spend her budding youth on her back, and eventually own a mansion. We all have friends or relatives stuck in a gut wrenching, sexless life, suffering emotionally and financially at the whim of a woman. There is a better way, and every guy has the means to change this. This culture has allowed woman to accumulate too much power over men.

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