AMACO Clay Products & Supplies

Do you like arts and crafts? Art/crafts is synonymous with feeling and beauty. One of the fun activities and preferred by many people is modeling / sculpting. And, talk about modeling / sculpting, you surely remember AMACO / Brent. Or for you who do not know what is AMACO, the following is brief information about AMACO: AMACO (American Art Clay Co., Inc.) is one of the oldest crafts materials manufacturers in the US and is considered the largest manufacturer of ceramic supplies / ceramic paint and equipment for schools and studios. AMACO/Brent offers a wide selection of clays and ceramic supplies for artists and hobbiests. AMACO has been an industry leader in classroom safety since incorporation in 1922. All improvements made in the performance of AMACO clay bodies are guided by a firm commitment toward PRODUCT SAFETY. AMACO has a big name and a long experience in the field of crafts materials industrial.

If you are a craft designer, art lovers, clay artist, etc, AMACO is a choice that is right for you to purchase / get crafts materials that have high quality with reasonable prices. Through AMACO, you can find variety of crafts materials in accordance with your desires and needs, such as: ceramic colors, clay accessories, air dry clays, low fire clays, etc. And also various types of clay art dinnerware, such as: drape, hump and slump molds. So, what are you waiting for? Now is a good time for you to create high quality and high taste work of art (modeling / sculpting) through AMACO, a great community of teachers and artists, who play in clay.