Samsung J700 Review and Specs

Samsung J700 have built in 1.3 megapixel digital camera which allows the user to capture still photos and moving video to be stored on the handset. The camera feature comes with easy to use camera keys and with still photograph and video setting. The user can capture and playback their memories by opening the files that are stored. Video playback are video recording are supported by MPEG4 and H263 video formats available in the handset. Also there is camera setting option through which the users can set camera according to the environment and their needs.

The handset is supported by the Java games which provide a fast and realistic gaming experience for the user. The Samsung J700 comes with a music player which supports all popular formats of music playback including MP3 and MIDI sound. The built in music player of the device can play music in other formats such as MP3, AAAC++, 3GP and MPEG4 too. The handset comes with some preloaded songs. The music player provides high quality sounds. The gadget has an option of vibration mode for moments when the user don't want to here the ringtones. The handset is also loaded with the preloaded Polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. A FM radio is also there which provides the user with portable radio entertainment. The user can also listen to the radio and stay amused with the various programmes that the channels broadcast.

The handset provides its user with up to 250 hours of battery standby time when battery is fully charged. The user can recharge their battery by using the power adapter provided with the Samsung J700 handset when the battery indicator is low. The handset supports Bluetooth wireless technology, EDGE technology and also has the USB port. So, people using the phone can easily transfer data files between their mobile and a computer. The mobile has Internet facility and users can download required documents and can also use the net for checking their mails.

Samsung J700 works on a tri band network which covers GSM 900, 1800 and 1900. The Tri band technology can work in majority of the places of the world. The handset will switch automatically between networks without the user's knowledge. This stylish handset comes with 10 Mbytes of inbuilt memory and the users can expand the memory further by using its memory slot.The handset has the photocaller ID system. People can send SMS, EMS- Enchanced Messaging and MMS-Multi media messaging. The Samsung J700 has a wide Phonebook storage facility where the user can store their personal contacts numbers. The phone also has many others options like To Do List, Clock, Alarm, Calculator and Speaker phone. The J700 also has a Currency Converter for those users who visit abroad frequently.