3 Useful iPhone Shorcuts I didn't know about - You know?

iSmashphone did a list of 12 useful iPhone shortcuts. I knew most of them, but 4 of them really stood out for me, in fact shocked me. Here’s my 4:

* Take a screen shot on your iPhone and save it to your camera roll. Just hold the ‘home’ button and then tap the ‘power/lock’ button. Don’t hold both down otherwise you’ll reset the phone. You’ll see the screen flash and presto, you’ve got a screen shot. This is the one pictured above.
* Download images in Safari. Just touch and hold over the image. The iPhone will prompt you if you want to save the image to your camera’s roll.
* Bring up alternate letters with accents. When in the keyboard, just hold down the key and a menu will pop up with different letters of the same ilk.
* Bring up different URL endings, such as .net, .edu. This one is the same as the above, just hold down the .com and it’ll bring up a menu of alternates.