New Cybershot from Sony

Brothers the cameras are, but like most, one is more powerful and bigger. They’re both rocking 10 megapixels of capture goodness, but the T77 is just 5/8 of an inch thick and can hit 3200 ISO (I have a Canon SD750 that maxes at 1600). It’s also sport a 3-inch touchscreen, face detect and the usual digi camera goodies. The T700 on the other hand does all that plus it’s got a built-in 4GB flash drive and a larger LCD, 3.5-inches to be exact. There both 4x optical zoom with Carl Zeiss lenses and image stabilization with anti-blink technology (it snaps two photos quick like). The T700 and the T77 can even store the appropriate website you like to upload to and when connected to a PC via USB the cameras will do so accordingly.

Expected in late September of this year, they’ll come in a variety of colors and cost about $300 for the T77 and $400 for the T700.