The 8 Megapixel Camera Phone War is About to Start

Mobile phones with 5 megapixels are so 2007 ... As we towards the end of 2008, 8-megapixel phones are clearly the way forward, and with 3 separate 8-megapixel phones announced or leaked (from Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG), the war starts right here!

Sony Ericsson C905 - the Cyber-shot candidates

Sony Ericsson grabbed the title of "first 8-megapixel phone announced, the United Kingdom", with the sliding, breathtaking C905. It took the lead, mainly because of the sheer number of pixels, but also due to the fact that, as in previous high-end Sony Ericsson camera phones equipped, it's powered by Cyber-shot technology (or how it tends to be known round here, "ooooh, the good stuff"). This means that, like the expansive pixel count, the Sony Ericsson C905 offers xenon flash, autofocus, image stabilizer, low-light modes and various other gubbins to make for a powerful camera-equipped mobile phone. It is beautiful, with sliding doors that body really looks more mouth-watering.

But it is not without competition, because now, the two major Korean manufacturers of mobile phones, LG and Samsung, have rocked to the party with their offers.

Samsung i8510 innov8 - the Smartphone child

While the Sony Ericsson C905 is powerful, it is one thing, it is definitely not, and this is a smartphone. It may be, Cyber-shot-powered, but it is still effective a normal phone with extra bits stuck together. Compare that to the i8510 innov8 Samsung, which is like a thoroughbred Smartphone, bred only for the purpose of things other phones can not. Also, as well as the 8-megapixel camera (nearly with the C905 to specifications and features), you receive the Symbian OS S60 (known made by Nokia), so it can be full of third-party software, and regardless of Samsung .

However, there is a new weapon, which has just expired within the last few days, and it looks like both could knock Sony Ericsson and Samsung for the six. It is surprisingly open LG KC910 Renoir.

LG KC910 Renoir - the iPhone-killer, Mark II

Announced just this week is a brand new mobile phone that picks up where the icon LG Viewty left off: the breathtaking, and frankly mouth-watering, KC910 Renoir, LG. The best way to describe is easy to say, it is an 8-megapixel Viewty. It is really a stunner, with sleek looks, a full touch screen interface, all the features of its predecessor, and enough charm, charisma and raw power to give any other mobile phone in the world a good kicking. Let us not forget how many units of the LG Viewty were sold in the year 2007 ... and I assume that this Bad Boy will match its success. Sony Ericsson a good chance next to her, as the two mobile phones are aimed at different market segments, but Samsung had better worry, because the big new LG after it!