Sony Ericsson G900 Vs Nokia N96 - Which is the Multimedia King?

Multimedia is a massive selling point in modern mobile phones. Music, video, photos ... Everything goes in the direction of a mobile phone is considered the best of the best. Let's take a look at the shootout between two multimedia giants: the Nokia N96 and Sony Ericsson-G900.

Nokia N96 - N95 receives "sleekified"

Nokia Nseries with their mobile phones, have a reputation for delivering the goods. If you want a real power package multimedia experience, a Nokia Nseries mobile will deliver. The new, upcoming flagship of superlatives for this area of multimedia phones is the Nokia N96 alarmingly sexy, and crikey, it's beautiful! Let's start with the appearance because Nokia have dropped the hard edges and corners from the N95 and N96 in view of the flowing curves, corners rounded, shiny and panels. Or in other words, they have almost identical to the N81. That is not necessarily a bad thing, as the N81 was pretty nice, but it would be nice to see how a high-power handset have a design that was not recycled from older phones. Ah well.

Features-wise, but there are none on, for example, this is Nokia's most powerful mobile-to-date, packing in 5-megapixel camera, HSDPA, 16 GB of memory, GPS to masses and masses of multimedia options, including some really sweet touches like the little kickstand that Nokia, on the back of the phone, they can rely on their own, while you watch it like a TV. I have not seen that in all other mobile phones, and it is a really nice little touch of Nokia. All in all, the Nokia N96 is a rear of a powerful mobile phone.

Sony Ericsson G900 - Smartphone for the masses

But is the new Sony Ericsson G900 going to steal the thunder Nokia N96? Is it indeed a better phone?

Well, to be honest, this fight is that it goes on down to the judges. It is really really hard right to decide which of these two Juggernauts is best. The Nokia N96 is packed to the gills with function by function, after the function, but the Sony Ericsson G900 match it feature for feature (with the exception of the sheer size of Nokia's built-in memory), but it's trump card by touchscreen , And although might be superfluous, it is something that I have always said, mobile phones benefit, and that is certainly the case, as it has little to let things cool down, as you stick virtual post-it notes for Sony Ericsson Screen. As I have said before, but this is a fight that is really difficult to call because these two mobile phones are so evenly matched. In fact, I reckon that if you like Nokia, you may prefer the N96. But if you like Sony Ericsson, you'll favour of the G900. You may not be inferred very helpful, but at least it is correct!