Cell Phone have Multi Purpose? Cell Phone And Its Utility In Today`s Scenario

Cell Phone has the world much closer. It does not matter which part of the world you live, you can contact your loved ones with this amazing device. It's small, smart and smooth in appearance, portable.

Although it was originally designed to the limitations of telephone calls, but gradually handset manufacturers with models come with many advanced features such as MP3 players, cameras, video recording equipment, and 3D games. You can access the Internet from your mobile phone. In fact, the services via SMS, MMS and WAP were popularized by phone. It is no wonder why the use of mobile phones has increased many folds in the last few years. According to a survey, eight out of every ten people own a mobile phone in the United States.

Have you ever wondered how this phone? You can say, cell phone is more or less like a sophisticated radio. Cell Phone is a full-duplex device, which means a frequency used for the interview and another for the hearing so that both people speak simultaneously. Former first-generation mobile technology (1g) was for analog model of cell phone and had only 56 channels.

With the advent of second generation mobile technology (2G) the number of channels increased gradually. Now day, a mobile phone can communicate to 1664 channels or more. The range of mobile phone depends on his cell or battery power. You can say, a hundred miles from your trip if your cell supports the spectrum. The range depends on the tower sites. Mobile tower is a steel pole with facilities for sending and receiving of the frequency.

Questions are what your phone can do for you? Here is the list:

You can store and retrieve information from your phone;

You can use your important events and reminders via mobile phone;

You can send and receive text, multimedia messages on your phone;

You can access the Internet, send your e-mail via mobile phone;

You can watch movie, play 2D or 3D games on your phone;

Enjoy hear the music over MP3 player on your phone;

You can use your phone with GPRS service opportunity, music download from the Internet;

You can keep your favorite music among your friends by Bluetooth technology on your mobile phone;

Some models of mobile compass as a guide, will show you the exact geographical location (height, length-wise). They come in very handy, especially for people who are on expeditions.

Like any other electronic devices, mobile phone also has its own share of problems. The doctors have warned against the use of mobile phones over a long period, because it can cause cancer and liver-related problem due to the strong radiation from the electronic device. Now research has shown that the extension of use of mobile phones can cause infertility problem for women.

Scientists have also examined a significant reduction in sperm counts in men, mobile phone use for a long time. Talking or listening to music for a long time can cause hearing loss as well. Children should not be allowed to use cell phones much as its radiation can cause other kinds of health risks.

Certain precautions should be taken, while mobile. For example, you should never use your mobile phone when there are strong lighting or thunder. Never leave your mobile phone is wet and not with wet hands, there is the chance of corrosion on the internal parts not repairable. In the event it is wet, make sure it is completely dry before switching it on. If you take care of these few things your phone call `s longevity is increased.