Who is The Winner? Samsung Omnia Vs Samsung F480 Tocco: a Big Bang

Samsung is a major player in the mobile telecommunications industry with a large collection of mobile phones. The mobile phones from Samsung are in a varied selection to satisfy the casual and tech-savvy users. Almost all of Samsung models are packed with intuitive design and features. The stylish phones are real aspiration from the consumer point of view. Among the various models, the Samsung Omnia and Samsung F480 Tocco have a big bang to other mobile produced. Both the phones are among the top-notch series of that mark.

On these 3G-capable mobile phones, users will be able to various modern features such as Web-surfing, games, seamless connectivity, capturing unforgettable images and music. It can therefore be said that with the design and intuitive user-friendly interface, users can create a lot of high-end features to meet their needs advanced.

Both the phones add a unique style statement for the users by personality looks elegant, high-quality imaging, communication and business functions. These characteristics have made the USP of these phones on the market.

Looks and design
The Samsung F480 Tocco is a sophisticated and fashion-phone. This beautiful 3G phone comes with a beautiful color display. The very fashionable device comes with chrome trim and smooth surface black. The handset weighs just 91 grams which makes it a lightweight 3G phone. The compact size of the handset is 11.8 mm, 55 mm in width and 95.9 mm in height make it a particularly slim, large housing. On the other hand, the Samsung Omnia the oozes sophistication and style with its 3G capabilities. The handset is a unique combination of intuitive looks and advanced functionality. The slender body of the handset offers high-end features and functions. The silver and black coloured housing comes with smooth edges curvaceous. The handset offers a solid impression, as it weighs 127 grams including the reliable battery. The good size phone is very simple tasks such as transport it measures 56.9 mm in diameter, 112 mm in height and 12.5 mm thickness.

Compared with the Omnia, the screen of Tocco is somewhat smaller. In fact, the Samsung Tocco comes with a beautiful color touch-screen, which measures 2.8 inches tall. This high color screen offers a high om-color display 240 x 320 pixel screen. On the other hand, the Samsung Omnia is enriched with 3.2 inch screen. A monitor has the capability of displaying 65K colors on high-resolution screen. Both the screen units are perfect for displaying beautiful themes, favorite videos, wallpapers and much more.

Camera with video capture
Both the phones are integrated with 5 megapixel digital camera. The integrated camera for recording all the best and funniest moments of life in high quality. It can therefore be said that the collection of pictures with this camera gives users an unforgettable experience. Some of the very imaging of these features are automatic focus, flash, camera settings and image stabliser. Apart from the still photography, both of which support advanced video camera recorder. The recorder can be used for the recording of moving clips. The 3G video used to attend the face-to-face communication.

Media player
The Samsung Omnia and Samsung F480 Tocco allow users to spend their leisure time by listening to favorite song or music. In fact, the two mobile phones with music player and FM radio with RDS. On these phones, users can music in more than one format to experience an excellent sound output. The integrated music player the thirst of users of the highest quality produce sound output. Users can set their favourite music in MP3, eAAC +, WMA, AMR and Real Audio format.

Finally, I would say the two phones are the best features and functions. They are easily accessible with great mobile phone offers in the online mobile phone shops.