New from Nokia - Nokia 6600 Fold is the New Flip 6600 Phone From Nokia

Nokia launched now have one of its recent double-acts, the Fold 6600 is the flip version of the Nokia 6600 is also the function on a sliding model, this is likely to result in some confusion, because both models are equipped with the Title of 6600 with only the "fold" or "slide" to determine what is the.

The Nokia 6600 Fold exclsuively was launched by the 3G network dedicated 3 Mobile in Britain, this means that consumers can only buy this new flip phone with a 3 Mobile contract deal for a limited period. This time frame can last only a few days to months based on the agreement signed between the producer and the network.

Available as grippers or slider, the Nokia 6600 is associated with the Nokia 3600 Nokia slide in the latest fashion lineup.

The Nokia 6600 Fold the same features as the ability Nokia 6600 slide and able to snooze, alarms, the silence and the rejection of incoming calls by simply tapping the body of the phone twice.

With Nokia and Nokia Maps search, the Nokia 6600 Fold offers a complete entertainment package with a 2-megapixel camera with a built-in flash and video recording functions and a secondary video call camera and a music player, accompanied by the presence of a integrated stereo FM radio.

The 18MB internal memory can be up to 4 GB on the microSD card slot, to provide enough storage capacity and with a view to connecting Fold the Nokia 6600 is very well equipped as it is with GSM, GPRS, EDGE and 3G - together with Bluetooth wireless and USB connectivity.

Available in a choice of either black or Mysterious Sophisticated Purple, the Nokia 6600 Fold was a comfortable fit in your hand and against the face when making calls with the kind permission of its more rounded and blended contours.

The telephones shiny surface and 1.3 "hidden external display are the first indication of how much effort has the phone is in the design and opens an internal 2.13" OLED display, the big pictures, browse online and e Check-mails, without the need to squint.

The Nokia 6600 is also Fold be released in other colors, including an already announced, purple edition, how and when the network exclusive period is consumer can then the listener to connect to other British networks, as their stocks.