Online Video - How To Download Your Favorite Online Videos

Meanwhile, almost every seen an online video from a streaming video site like YouTube, Google Video and Break. Many people have probably even a video clip loved it so much that they wanted them to their personal collection. Without the right knowledge, but on the downloading of streaming video, this could be a very frustrating. To prevent this, read this complete guide on how to download online videos.

Streaming Video 101

Streaming video is a relatively new technology, so that before discussing exactly how to download streaming videos can be helpful to explain exactly what that is. Streaming video is basically is the video on the Web. The sending and viewing of the video in real time. This means that right when the audience reception of data from a sender, the video can be played.

Online videos offer a large amount of convenience for Internet users. With the introduction of video streaming technology, a wide collection of video clips has been made available to the world. In addition, online videos show a much simpler process, how do these clips does not require the installation of media software. Streaming video over the Internet and can be downloaded directly with any browser.

How to download streaming video

One might think that downloading online video is a trivial process. However, you must be recalled that the steps on how to download streaming video are very different than those for simply watching the clips. If you download online videos, you are essentially copying the streaming data permanently on your hard drive. Downloading online videos, you can save the videos, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

If you feel that you still clueless as to download online video, you should know that your first step to download online videos is simply to decide whether you want to use an online site or a software application. Online sites are a good choice because everything you are obliged to do is enter the URL of your video streaming. The search for a site for you to download online video is easy, since these sites are plentiful on the Web. These pages give you the opportunity to the format of your choice of stored video. Most sites offer a variety of options available, format downloading online videos, including FLV, MPG, AVI and WMV. An advantage of using an online site is that you do not have to be on your own PC to save videos. Each computer with an active Internet connection would be sufficient.

If you do not believe that an online site is the choice for you to use a software application for downloading online video is another option. A particular advantage that a software program has a Web site is that some applications can be your video to the desired size. For example, your recorded videos are optimized for playback on your MP3 player. Some programs would allow you to store videos with such a specified resolution.