Google Phone G1 - Amazing Smartphone From Google with Android Software

In this month's 22nd October The search engine king Google is going to sell its first Android capability phone G1. The phone capability, which is manufactured by Taiwan-based HTC Corporation. Although it is out looking is something like as iPhone but a lot of functional and outer difference between the two phones.. The weight of the G1 is 5, 6 Ounce, where Apple's iPhone is 4, 7 ounce. So G1 is heavier than the iPhone. The G1 - 4.6 inches tall, 2.1 inches wide and 0,62-inch thick

One of the G1’s physical attributes is that there is slight curve at the bottom. It can protect the phone from a sudden drop of your hand. The G1 of the QWERTY keyboard is good, the buttons are small, even for small fingers, and in some respects, it elicits the same frustrations as with the iPhone's on-screen keyboard. It also has a very smooth touch screen like the iPhone, and search engine friendly a full HTML Web browser.

The price for G1 phone is 179 U.S. dollars with only two-year contract. where the iPhone is 199 U.S. dollars. So it is 20 U.S. dollars less than the iPhone.

There are two basic data option plans from T-Mobile. The first is $ 35 for unlimited use, including SMS messages, the other is $ 25 per month, and contains 400 SMS messages.

T-Mobile's least expensive voice plan is $ 29.99 for 300 minutes, so if you opt for the budget route, you're looking at around 55 dollars per month for the phone. AT & T users pay a minimum of 69.99 U.S. dollars per month, including 450 voice minutes, for their iPhone, and text messages are charged extra.

There is no danger of Google's presence on the phone, the Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail e-mail, Google Calendar, and you tube (which Google owns).

Google Talk for instant messaging there, but so are AIM, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger. and the various Google's online programs and documents. Instant messaging is simply reacting over the phone,

It works on T-Mobile EDGE and 3G networks, pretty much the same as those the iPhone uses on AT & T network. By next Wednesday, when the G1 goes on sale, T-Mobile says it will be 3G coverage in 23 metropolitan areas across the country.

At the bottom of the phone when the keyboard is hidden, and on the right when slid out, are the main navigation buttons to make or disconnect a call, open a menu screen and go back a screen. The small gray trackball is located in the center of controls and functions like a mini-mouse.

Like other smart-phone operating systems, Android allows users to run any number of applications on it. Taking a page from Apple, Google has made it easy to find and download programs directly to the phone with an application called the Android Market.

Unlike the iPhone, on the G1, you can use multiple programs simultaneously. So you can have Google Talk or AOL Instant Messenger is running in the background while you surf the Web or listening to music. The G1 will notify you if you have a new instant messaging, something the iPhone will not be enough.

For example, the G1 has a Google search bar at its Home screen, which is like a desktop computer. With the G1 closed and the keyboard hidden, the search box looks inviting, you can see, and even click into it. On the iPhone, clicking on such a field would bring a virtual keyboard that enables you to enter text and search

Getting movies, music or even contacts with the G1 is much more difficult than it is on the iPhone, because Google does not have anything like iTunes for managing the transmission of such data from a PC. Nor can you synchronize directly with an Exchange server for your work e-mail or address book as you can with the iPhone and Research In Motion's BlackBerry.

Both Android and the iPhone are very similar in their basic skills. They both have large touch screens, GPS, WiFi, 3G mobile antennas, acceleration sensors and a camera. On the software side, both have fully capable browsers (based on WebKit), Gmail, GPS-enabled Google Maps, a music player, and a whole range of third-party applications that you can browse and download app directly from an App store on every device. Google Maps on Android includes Street View images. Coupled with the compass and GPS, you can see a picture of the street you are on or the building in front of you simply by holding the phone and move it around

Unlike any other smartphone I've used, the G1 does not come with software to synchronize your calendar or address book with a PC or Mac, which could be a big problem for many people, but not for those who already use Gmail or Google Calendar. Microsoft Outlook users can get their data in the G1 by first use of free PC software to synchronize with the Google Web applications.

The phone comes with a USB cable to transfer music or photos between the phone and a PC or Mac. Unlike Apple products, it uses the same standard mini-USB connector as the BlackBerry and many digital cameras. You can also charge the device from a computer's USB port.

The G1 has a better camera (3 mega pixels), but it does not have any video-recording system. There is an option to see a file or video clip from you Tube.

Bottom line: After all we congratulate the Google phone G1. Though there are some limitations and drawbacks on this phone, but in the near future we expect more feature enriched, slightly low cost operating system and all the latest technology based phone from Google.