Microchip Cat Flap

There is a new breakthrough in the technology world. This time, I will give a little information to you about a smart and creative innovation, especially those related to pets. By combining sophisticated technology and creative ideas, James Winsoar (Customer Service Manager) from microchipcatflaps.co.uk, explain if you have and keep a cat (cats lover, of course), you need to have a Pet Porte microchip cat flap.

What is the Pet Porte microchip cat flaps? For what its function? And why the product is very interesting and has very useful benefit? Here's a bit of information that you need to know about the Pet Porte microchip catflaps:

• It works without the need for a collar
• Exclusive patented technology
• Reads cats pre-existing microchips
• Only opens for your cats * Program in up to 32 cats
• Useful for keeping cats in at night
• Night mode can lock the door at night
• Optional vet mode for keeping cats in
• asy to programme with two buttons
• Saves money on cat food not having to feed the entire neighbourhood
• Extra strong door cannot get bashed open by strong cats who want to get in
• Helps cats to feel safe
• Protects owners property
• Stops risk of disease/infection from other cats

For more details, you can begin to visit microchipcatflaps.co.uk. There you will learn more and more about this product. Of course, you want to give the best to your pet cat, whether in the form of security, joy, or things that make their life more secure. And, of course, you will also get many benefits, such as carpet, curtains, beds, Walls, Clothes, furniture and other goods that are in your home more secure from the reach of cats.