Motorola Aura Mobile Phone- New Experience From Rotator Mobile Phone (Coming Soon)

If you are started to getting bored with your old mobile phone and searching for the great and excellent new mobile phone, then this could be the right choice for you, the luxury Motorola Aura.

This amazing mobile phone provides the beauty, luxury and combined with the high-tech will make your performance be perfect. Motorola Aura has a high artistic value, with the rolling system to open the keypad.

You do not have to worry about the rolling system. If you are tired with the easily break mobile phone’s rolling system, then you better stop worrying because Motorola Aura is using more than 200 components, so that the roller system is able to hang on up to a hundred rolling times.

You should see the round screen with 3.93 cm in diameter. Enjoy the first technology for the mobile phone’s color. You will receive up to 16 million colors at 300 dpi.

The luxury of mobile phones can be found on the 62 rusts sapphire crystal, which will guarantee to counter to scratch. This is not the end of the great things about this elegant mobile phone. You’ll get the other facilities, such as 2 GB of internal memory, GPS, 2 mega-pixel camera and much more. Even, you can have up to seven hours talk time.

So, what do you think? If you are in love and also crazy about this mobile phone then you have to wait for a while because of this elegant mobile phone will be exclusively sold on December 4th 2008 by Moto Store. So, just wait and make sure you do not miss it.