T-Mobile G1 Vs Blackberry Storm: The Battle of "Best of The Best" Mobile Phone

Two touch-screen heavyweights are lining up to go to war soon. Both of them are billed as the best of the best, and both are unique mobile phones in their own way. So let's take a look at which will win: T-Mobile G1 or Blackberry Storm.

T-Mobile G1 - the world's first Google Android phone

Announced at the beginning of October, the T-Mobile G1 marks the coming of a brand new operating system: Google Android. No other phones have ever used this system before, it is fair to say that it is generating quite a lot of interest. Remember, that is hardly surprising, since the T-Mobile G1 is a full-screen cell phone that obviously seems to be out to steal iPhone's thunder. And you know what? It succeeds, and makes for a far more appealing mobile phone! The new Android interface in the T-Mobile G1 is smooth, sexy and fast, so it is an absolute joy to use, and with additional features such as 3-megapixel camera, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, super-fast Internet access up to 7.2Mbps, and built-in GPS, T-Mobile G1 is really an enticing prospect for anyone who loves the touch-screen cell phones.

Blackberry Storm - all new power at your fingertips

Meanwhile, from developers RIM, we have a different touch-screen cell phone, and while the T-Mobile G1 may have a new operating system to boast about, the new BlackBerry Storm has an entirely new kind of touchscreen. Basically, if you press down on the screen in the Blackberry Storm, it moves ever so slightly, and clicks. The effect is unbelievable; put simply, typing an e-mail on the BlackBerry Storm's virtual onscreen keyboard, feels like you have a physical keyboard with real buttons! How many other mobile phones can you say that about? In relation to the additional functions, the Blackberry Storm is no slouch, with its camera, Internet and GPS information is fairly similar to those on the T-Mobile G1.

But which is the mobile phone you should buy? When you get right down to it, which one is better?

T-Mobile G1 vs. Blackberry Storm - which should you buy?

While the similarities between the T-Mobile G1 and the Blackberry Storm are there, these two cell phones are nothing like any other. Each has different software functions and so on, but it will comes to a case of which one feels the best to use. However, we must to address the fact that the T-Mobile G1 will give you access to loads of applications and music through its online marketplace and the Amazon MP3Store. So, in terms of content, the T-Mobile G1, the better bet. However ... when you talk about which of these mobile phones is the best to use, and looks the best, and which one you will enjoy using more, then there can only be one clear winner. The BlackBerry Storm is, quite frankly, one of the finest cell phones ever made. The T-Mobile G1 may let you can fill it with the software and music, but you can still get software for the BlackBerry Storm, and it is indeed a far, far nicer cell phone. Without a doubt, that's the baby I'd go for!

Matt Sharp